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  1. Visit everyday to open the daily advents - NOVEMBER 19 THROUGH NOVEMBER 30TH

  2. Screenshot the opened advents and email them to to enter your ticket! Include your name and phone number in the email. 

  3. Visit featured local businesses, both online and in-person, to collect bonus raffle tickets all 12 days leading up to the event! 

  4. Learn how to collect bonus raffle tickets for visiting businesses online when you open daily advents!

  5. Earn extra raffle tickets when you visit an advent sponsor in real life!

    1. Take a picture of their business card.​

    2. Post the picture on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

    3. Tag the business, or include their website address in your post.

    4. Screenshot this post and email it Include your name and phone number in the email.

  6. Attend Krampus’ Advent Calendar XMAS Art Show to uncover remaining advents and claim in-person prizes! 

  7. Find out if you won the GRAND PRIZE during our end of the night raffle -  a Christmas tree decorated by Deddy Barez Toyz, plus all the locally sponsored gifts underneath!!!!

Deddy Barez Toyz is throwing a Holiday Art Show like no other, hosted by the Prince of Punishment: Krampus. He’s the European holiday deity that parents threaten their naughty kids with to get them to behave! You can learn more about the origins of Krampus here.


This Dark Arts show is for purveyors of the peculiar and vendors of the weird! Artists and vendors are invited to sell their wares, while performance artists haunt the stage! A Local DJ will be adding tunes to this souire, as Max Ink’s Calendar Goddess, Deb Fields, hosts the event. At the end of the night, there will be a raffle drawing for the grand prize - a Christmas tree decorated by Deddy Barez Toyz AND all the wrapped gifts (donated by sponsors) underneath. 

In an Advent Calendar theme, there will be 12 Bloody Days of Xmas leading up to the show. Each day new advents will be revealed at, but only for 24 hours. 




3 PM TO 9 PM


Smere Tactics is a Madison- based artist creating woodcuts and hand printed goods featuring witchy heroines and creatures that are real, imagined or extinct.

Her Suitcase of Curiosity, fashioned from a former 1920s travel crib, both transports and displays a collection of  hand-printed stickers, magnets, 

iron- on patches and other art forms for your dark nerdy sensibilities.


I enjoy using recycled objects because I can give them a new life. 


My ideas are inspired by dreams, imagination, and the colors of the world. I want to give items that would normally be considered trash a new purpose through my ideas. 


I hope you find my work to be exciting, and find enjoyment through it. 


Miranda Fields is a 25 year old artist living in Madison. She's attending her last semester at UW Madison, where she's earning an art education degree.


Miranda says, "My entire life I have loved arts and crafts. I derive so much pleasure from creating things I can use in my everyday life. I enjoy making costumes, as well as pushing the boundaries of subject matter with my artworks. I enjoy working with political and social issues, taboo subjects, dark and gory themes, as well as crossing them with cute and colorful themes. I enjoy the juxtaposition of things and enjoy making artworks I could enjoy in a cabinet of curiosity. I create a wide array of art from ceramics, paints, dolls, dice, and more. I love to share my joy with others and how to engage thought and questions with my artwork!"


Welcome to my Creepatorium, where I rescue broken kid's toys & turn them into macabre treasures!


I have a fascination with anatomy & creating visceral reactions. I'm a self abuse survivor & have turned my darkness to delight for you all to enjoy.


Many of my pieces are autobiographical atrocities that I have a dark sense of humor in presenting. I adore writing their origin stories & capturing the beauty in the seemingly bleak. I call it Glitter Gore.


These Toyz are meant to be played with, loved & cherished.


I have been greatly influenced by science fiction and cartoons from my childhood.


I am a daydreamer by nature and wonder what the future might look like for the human form.


My paintings explore the feelings, concerns and questions I have around artificial intelligence, body enhancement, gender and the loss of nature as we know it.


Art has always been enthralling to me, regardless of the medium. For me, creating is compulsive. I need to make art in order to be okay. 

My creative mind keeps me brave. It's too full of ideas, too bright with overflowing faith to make room for worry.

Everyday, I strive to be guided by the knowing creativity that lives inside me. 



We come together to create unique and funky one-of-a-kind pieces of art.


Some you can wear, some you can hang on the wall, and some you can even hang on the Christmas tree. 

Our work makes a great holiday gift!


I revel in capturing important moments.


I’m in awe of the power a photograph gives us to relive our most precious moments.


I believe it’s one of the greatest gifts we can give - that’s why I’m so passionate about being a photographer.


From folk rock to synth pop, Kat and the Hurricane can do just about everything. With their cutting lyrics and catchy hooks, Kat Farnsworth and  Benjamin Coakley, along with drummer Alex Nelson will make you sad in the best possible way. Their upcoming EP "Libra" is a departure from debut "Miles Away", containing songs written with new eyes on the world, but with the same heart.


I have been a dancer for as long as I can remember but I’m mostly self taught. My main style of dance is hip hop but I also fit under an all styles dancer due to the fact that I love learning and mixing all styles of dance to make it represent me. Dancing has become my own therapy and I try to show a lot of emotion. When I dance, I feel free


Want to experience the power of your nervous system first hand? Want a new perspective on pain reduction & increased range of motion? Want to experience movement changes in a fun group atmosphere? Nik Neuro will be demonstrating through simple movements, a taste of how neurophysiology works! Come motivated, leave educated.


Cal Smith is a non-binary, transgender, queer comedian and storyteller.  They have been performing for several years around the midwest and the country. Smith’s comedy work has been featured in the Wichita, Kansas Pride Festival, Lady Laughs Comedy Festival in Madison, WI, the Laugh Riot Grrrl Festival in LA, Laughing Liberally in Milwaukee, WI, Shots & Giggles in Joliet, IL, and hosted for events such as the Trans Liberation Art Coalition, Misfits of Madison and Gender Fest showcases in Madison, WI. Much of their work harnesses taking some of life's darkest moments and finds the comedy within the tragedy. Many of their jokes explore my lived experience as a queer trans disabled person. They are the Genderqueer Enby that you might know from Facebook, Lyft or Grindr!

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